Thursday, July 19, 2012

iPhone Destination Workshop

Santa Monica Pier
Only 28 days left until The Last Pixel Show's iPhone/iPad Creativity Workshop at The Palouse in Washington State. Teri Lou Dantzler and Harry Sandler are holding a 4 day iPhone/iPad workshop in Colfax, Washington that covers all aspects of iPhone photography and so much more. The last day is spent printing images made during the workshop and each participant leaves with minimum one print.

There are currently 10 people attending with rather diverse backgrounds from all parts of the country. It is also harvest time in The Palouse - add all this together and you have a unique four day learning experience.

Musician, iPhone4
The Last Pixel will cover resolution, camera apps, cross processing on laptop or desktop, transfer of images, creativity, printing various applications and much more.

There are currently two spots open for this workshop.....

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