Monday, February 27, 2012

Photoshop Touch for the iPad

Fonthill, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Adobe has released Photoshop Touch for the iPad. Have not had time to get into yet but on the surface it seems rather adequate. It has image blending, various color specials, drop shadow text, composite, painting, frames, sketch, layers, color replacement, painting to name a few features.

There are also several tutorials inside the application that explain most of the features.....Seems like it could turn out to be a real winner...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cape Flattery, Washington State

Cape Flattery, Washington State
 'If you want to learn something the best way is to teach it'

I have only been teaching for a short time am enjoying putting myself in a position of teaching someone how else how to do something.  And one of the side benefits is in preparation for a workshop there are always many many aha moments...It is similar to the study group things we all did as children.....learning and applying what we learn. This is why I like the workshop atmosphere......always getting back a bit more from the folks in attendance.....push the envelope - keep pushing - keep learning...........

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New York City, iPhone Gallery Show/Workshop

I am proud to announce an iPhone New York City Gallery Show and Workshop, both being hosted by Foto Care. The show will contain landscape images from Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Death Valley, Zion National Park as well as Rock and Roll images shot on film, scanned, and processed using my ipad...hence the name: 'Music, Iphone and Other Neighborhoods'. Images will be printed on canvas as well as more traditional substrates.

The gallery show will be followed by a weekend workshop covering all aspects of iPhone/iPad from capture through printing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New York, Street Abstract

NY Walking Appstract
I was added to a new Facebook page, Appstracts, and decided to give it a try today. Took an image from last week and App-stracted it...Hopefully on the next one I will remember the order I used the applications....Had some fun though, trying various applications and getting out of my comfort zone...Nice way to learn and push the envelope somewhat...Probably the first of many...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Orelans, Mardi Gras

New Orleans Graveyard, iPhone4s

A tribute to Mardi Gras..................

'I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
I'd of said the right thing
But I must have used the wrong line
I been in the right trip
But I must have used the wrong car
My head was in a bad place
And I'm wondering what it's good for'....Dr John

Dr. John, New Orleans Jazz Festival, DSLR Image

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Apple Mountain Lion

iPhone4s, Brooklyn Bridge
Apple Mountain Lion is coming - I am not sure when but it is coming. Below find a couple of previews for this new software. Not sure why they are releasing another operating system this quickly but it does seem to have some cool new features....Just hope it does not mess with my third party applications too much...

The second link below talks about making a USB install drive for new upgrades to your operating system. As most of these from Apple will not be on disk the USB install will be helpful in upgrading hardware without the APP Store or internet...It is also helpful to have your last operating system on an external disk should one of you pieces of third party software not upgrade quickly - this happened recently with my print RIP. Luckily I was able to boot up with the old version and still be able to print...

Check out The Last Pixel Show for location iPhone destination workshops.

Come to my New York iPhone Workshop at Foto Care, March 10-11, 2012. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

iPhone Cable Release Tip

Under the George Washington Bridge
There are three camera applications I frequently use that allow the use of a cable release to trigger the exposure. When I say cable release I mean an iPod remote headphone adapter as pictured in the link below.The three camera applications are the iPhone internal camera, Pro Camera and Camera+. Simply push the +/plus on the remote and it will trigger the camera. 

Both of these cameras will also trigger using the + on the side of the phone, err camera but having a cable release helps reduce shake specifically if using the HDR setting in the iPhone internal camera. Can be a useful tool in low light also.

Also on my 4s if you hold down the +/plus it triggers rapid fire while in Camera+. if you hold down the +/plus or -/minus that also triggers rapid fire in ProCamera. I am not sure this works on previous iPhone iterations....I am told in the iPhone internal camera holding down the -/minus will focus the camera but I have not tested that as yet...

Anyone else have knowledge of other camera application that do something similar? Also I happen to use the remote shown above but it will also work on most headsets that have +/-...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New York, Street Walking

New York, Walking....

When walking around New York it is fun to do some no-look shooting - just holding a camera at your side and shooting whatever catches your eye...always amazed at what one is able to capture. I have done this with various point and shoot cameras but now that the iPhone camera will fire using the +volume button it has become my camera of choice. Always revealing to see the images......

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rye Playland, Out to Sea #2

Out to Sea - Version 4
I have this workflow exercise  I do where I will process images (both big boy and iphone) in various ways on various platforms to see just what is possible. This is done by taking iphone images to the desktop and vice-versa...having so many applications now available for the mac makes this a lot of fun...

Today's image was posted a few days ago but I also processed today's image completely on my  desktop Mac Pro using MacPhun Photo Studio, Dramatic Black and White with a bit of NIK Snapseed and Color EFX4 thrown in for good measure...

I guess the lesson here is do not be afriad to push sliders and workflow as far as possible in both directions....this is helpful in learning just what your limits telling what is slight ahead or behind....

Below is the image progression that led to today's post...

Out to Sea V3

Out to Seas - V1

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iPhone, iPad, Sharpening

Rye Playland, Unsharp Mask
Took a day trip with my friend David to The Rye Playland which is about 10 miles from my house. Personally I love closed amusement parks with a preference for those parks that have been abandoned - not the case with Rye. Unfortunately the park was gated for the winter so we ended up shooting through or over the fences...reminder to bring a small ladder next time. But I digress...

While processing this iPhone4s image I decided to leave it fairly straight ahead and simply used an unsharp mask applied with a mask and opacity brush to highlight areas I wanted to direct the viewer to see first...with the side effect creating space in the image....The areas sharpened were the foreground boards, the building under the ride and the ride and poles in the middle...Each part of the image was sharpened with a different opacity which gives the image the perception of depth.

Most images need some form of sharpening to bring back details lost in digital conversion. While this might not be necessary when viewing on a screen sharpening becomes increasingly necessary when making a print. Of course there are many individual workflows that work without sharpening.......purely a matter of choice and a good tool to have in your arsenal...

Rye Playland, Original Image

To learn more about sharpening and much more The Last Pixel Show is hosting several iPhone/iPad workshops this year. Click on the link above for ore information.

Additionally have a look at th efollowing links for more information of online training and one-on-one learning opportunities.

Here they are side by side...

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Last Pixel Show, Workshops

Out to Sea-Rye Playland
The Last Pixel Show iPhone/iPad workshops are up and running for 2012. If you want to simply take family snapshots, straight ahead landscapes or explore your artistic side this is the place to learn. The Last Pixel Show starts with the basic set up of the iPhone and explores capture, resolution, folder structure, transfer of images and various applications that allow one to mold an image to personal taste.

At this time Last Pixel is offering two location workshops, Napa, California (April) and The Palouse (August) in Washington State. CLICK HERE and get more information on our website.

There are other options available if you can't make on of the locations websites. See below for links to local and online workshops:

Teri Lou Dantzler is offering online training:

Harry Sandler is teaching in New York City:

JUST ANNOUNCED: Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, New Jersey:

"If I could I would take every workshop Teri Lou and Harry offer. Not only did I learn tremendously from their collective, amazing talents, but I also came away believing in my art and vision. Since I first owned an iphone I have been using it as one of my cameras. Now it is my camera of choice thanks to the skills I learned from both Teri Lou and Harry. I love how they presented the workshop materials and the camaraderie between the other workshop participants was also a highlight for me! I can't wait to take another workshop from them!
.......Cecily Caceu, 
Portland Oregon

Here are some thoughts that you can use: Harry and Teri manage to pack a lot of good information into their workshops. They make the info meaningful because they are very patient and generous teachers, willing to work one on one with students to address specific areas of interest while also giving a overview of this constantly evolving subject. Recommended!...Dorthy Alig, Indianapolis

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zion National Park

Zion Natinal Park
Was drivign through Zion on my last day - fog, rain - generally bad day all around. I noticed this out of the corner of my eye - stopped and hand held my 3Gs....

Even though I appreciated the composition I never truly liked this image - thought it was soft and just not acceptable. But upon revisiting I realized there were certain aspects of this image that worked for me, and, for lack of a better word, I liked the Goth feel....So I took another shot at post-processing just to see what could happen.

Now with the original side by side I am not sure the original is not the one....Work in progress I guess.

The original is posted below.
Original 3Gs iPhone

Friday, February 10, 2012

Image Transfer - Hgh Resolution

Red Barber Chair - ESP
A few students have been talking about transferring high resolution images to the iPad/iPhone to be processed using various applications. For this blog I am going to transfer a medium format - high resolution image from my Macpro to my iPad....

The original image was 6731x8984 at 360:

I set my Lightroom mail export module to 3500 on the long edge at 240 which created an image of 9MP at 2622x3500.. The module then inserted the image in an email which I sent to myself.  I then saved this image onmy iPad and it worked perfectly - the image was now on my iPad with the resolution below:

 There are probably several ways to do this - I have shared my workflow. Would love to hear other ways to make this happen.

The Last Pixel show has two location iPhone/iPad workshops on the schedule. CLICK HERE for more information.