Saturday, September 3, 2011

Double Cross

Iceland 2011


  1. Moving image from my home country. The nearness of the graves to the sea and the way you have composed the image, looking out to sea, suggests immigration, as if these two people died before they could get out of the country. The graves appear to be unmarked, which is very unusual for Ireland. Or were the names on the other side of the crosses? In Ireland, it would be very unusual for people to be buried outside of the consecrated ground of a church graveyard But that appears to be the case here. Do you remember where this photograph was taken?

  2. This was behind a very old church, 14th century I believe - I am not home where the info is but will find out and let you know. I purposely left the church out on this image - I liked the stark contrast of the crosses against the landscape...there were no names on the crosses -