Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Old House - Kent, Ohio

Old House - Ohio
I am on a long drive from New York to Indiana and noticed I was low on gas. Got off the freeway but the gas station was closed. Low and behold across the street was this old house that simply called out to be photographed. It was late, sun was low but I managed to off a few images. Sometimes I wonder - why....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Resolution, iPad - IPhone

Photo Size Dialog
One of The Last-Pixel Show workshop students was asking for ideas on how to maintain resolution while processing on various applications.

Most applications place the resolution dialog inside their setting panel, and the default resolution setting can be less then full. Nothing is more frustrating then to finish working on an image and find that one of you applications lowered the resolution.

There are many ways to avoid this but for me it is an application called Photo Size. Photo Size is by Danny Goodman and is free...Try this workflow:

1. First of all check the resolution of the application and make sure it is set to high (some call it original). Also check your image before doing any processing.

2, After working on an image open Photo Size (pictured above) and navigate to your Camera Roll.
3. Find your image and bring it into Photo Size - Photo Size shows you the resolution....should match or be very close to the original before processing.Some application will make slight changes in the resolution but that is for another tutorial.

Below find the resolution settings for Filterstorm:

1. When ready to save your image tap the icon that looks like a box with an arrow - 5th down in the middle:

2. Tap the 'photo library' icon:

3/ Make sure you are set to 'max size' and highest 'jpeg quailty'. Also turn on the 'confirm before export' icon to ensure nothing has changed from the last time you used the application. Not sure why the XMP is not on - I usually keep this on so the sidecar document travels with the image. Then hit send photos. If this dialog does not appear hit cancel - go to 'SETTINGS' and turn on the 'confirm before export' icon.

Below find the resolution settings for Artista Haiku:

1. With your image open tap the second icon in from the left.

2. Tap the 'setings icon':

3.  Set your resolution to high......

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Mobile Photography Awards

Bastion Falls, Hudson Valley
 Just a reminder that the last day to submit for the Mobile Photography Awards is November 30th...The event is in New York City starting December 16th. Thought I would post a few of the images that I entered into the competition.....
Hipsta Flower
Eastern State Penitentiary
Christmas Day, Low, Quebec

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lewes Beach

Stopped at this location on the way home from my drive to the Everglades several years back. Located just south of Lewes, Delaware where you take the ferry to Cape May.....And then of course,. there is Cape May - a different story for a different time...

photo forge
photo toaster