Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chipping Camden 2

St. James Church, Wales

iPhone4 captured and processed image from St. James Church in Chipping, Camden, Wales.

Applications used were:


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chipping Camden

St. James Church, Chipping Camden, Wales
 St. James Church,  Chipping Camden, Wales. Chipping Camden is a market town that dates back to the 14th century. I am really liking the off balance stitching - gives the image a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel...

iPhone4 Camera, 14 image stitch, Autostitch, Iris, Photoforge, Filterstorm, Sketchmee

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunrise - Hyde Park

I have gotten into the habit of looking out my window at sunrise whenever I travel - need to see what the day has to offer interns of light.

This morning I was up early getting ready to depart London when this scene appeared outside my hotel room window. No time for anything but an iPhone capture and then out the door to the airport.

At first it seemed s bit washed out but eventually I figured out a way to make that work for the image. By washed out I meant there were reflections from the room in the window that I did not have time to fix. I pressed the iPhone up to window, captured the image, but still ended up with a few soft areas. In the end the soft feel gives the image a neat look. For me the lines of the pavement are a nice foreground for the sunrise.

Truehdr, dynamic light, filter storm, iris, photo forge and sketchmee were used.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Horton Church_Wales

Horton Church, Wales

Iphone4 Hipstamatic Capture
5 images stitched together using the Autostitch Application
local tonality in Filterstorm
sbarpened in Photoforge

Thursday, March 24, 2011

River of Dreams

River of Dreams
Originally this image was captured using the Hipstamatic Application. It was then mirror-imaged and cropped to force the perspective. Try this workflow to create a more interesting vertical image.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

California Coast

California Coast
 It crossed my mind this morning that there are hundreds upon hundreds of applications for the iPhone to manipulate photgraphic images so I decided to post a fairly straight-ahead image today. Straight in that it is simply an HDR exposure with local tonal controls being applied in Filterstorm and sharpened in photoforge.

I am not saying that one should not use applications - what I am saying is find out what any particular app has to offer and use them creatively, not just to say how many images you stitched together or how many were used to create the image. Possibly the old adage comes into play here, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dynamic Light

Yes, still working on learning 'Dynamic Light' the new application on yesterday's blog post. 

I went back into the archives and re--processed an early image (see re-processed image above) using 'Dynamic Light'. Depending on what you are looking for this application pops color and contrast and generally opens up the image - I would guess one's taste could go either way but on a personal level I can see using this for certain types of images, possibly even creating an image to blend back in with the original for effect. 

The application is simple to use with easy to understand settings, and, on the tests I have done appears to hold resolution. 

The image below was the image I re-processed in Dynamic Light. 

This application is well worth exploring further.

This image is a 27 image composite stitched together using the auto-stitch application at standard resolution.

Hipstamatic Test

This image was captured in bright sunlight through a plate glass window. I put it through the application 'Dynamic Light' to see what the result would be. Albeit the color is very blue, Dynamic Light seemed to open the shadows quite a bit - they were pitch dark in the original image. Stay tuned for more testing of this new application.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neon Boneyard

Neon Boneyard - Las Vegas

Another image from the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, albeit the first one posted on this new iPhone blog. I only captured a few iPhone images that day and am slowly working through them trying various applications to see which renders the best image.

The original was captured using ProHDR on a tripod. For today's version I used the following applications:

Dynamic Light
Photoshop Express ( maybe to much sharpening - i like the photoforge sharpening much better)
Iris for blending original back with processed image
Fonthill, Pennsylvania

Reworked image from a visit to Fonthill last January. Captured and processed in the iPhone4 using the following applications:

perfect photo
perfectly clear


Snowstorm, Philadelpha

The iPhone is simply an amazing piece of technology in this 21st century. If someone had told me back in the 1970's that we would be able to capture, process and post visual information in a matter of minutes without being connected to a wire, well, I simply would have laughed. But then again, we live in a generation when anything is possible, that is except balancing the countries budget - but that is a different tale.

My father gave me a Polaroid Camera when I was 8 years old - that would be 1952 - I remember being totally intoxicated pulling the sheet and peeling off the image.  For me the iPhone is a modern version of the Polaroid, the very camera that started my lifetime avocation with image-making. 

The iPhone is virtually unlimited in it's ability to capture images - everything from a family snapshot to a totally creative visual image. Additionally, as I sometimes do, you can channel the masters of the photographic medium creating images that appear to have been made in the mid-1800's. And, this is all done inside of the phone, err, camera. 

I started my iPhone-Antics in May 2008 (semi-retirement, although my friends say I need to retire from retirement) and have been totally immersed in making images with this tool since. I use the iPhone for a plethora of things, image making, visual diary, directions, weather, flight information and many many more. It is not simply a camera - it is a tool that every photographer at any level should embrace. 

Fast forward two plus years and I am teaching and showing my iphone work in galleries. One year ago I actually created a blurb book of my earlier images. Hence the start of this blog - to get some shameless promotion for my images and my workshops. 

I look forward to the future of this medium and the new friends I will make through this blog. I will be posting more information about iPhone as the blog continues to grow. It would be nice to hear from anyone with any questions as we move forward. 

The image posted above was captured about a month ago while being stranded in a snowstorm in Philadelphia -  

Here is to the next adventure.....