Monday, October 8, 2012

The Road and the Sky

Barns, iPhone4s, Kane, Pennsylvania
Drove back home from Toledo today...Actually left Saturday and stopped in Erie, PA where I stayed at the fabulous Holiday Inn Express - got the last room - remind me not to travel on Saturday night next time.Woke up very early Sunday and out the door by 6:30AM - drove route 6 from Erie to New York State looking for color....seemed like I was maybe a week early but did manage to find a few images to make, both with my iPhone and big boy camera.......The big boy image of this barn will be posted on later today....

Toledo was a great time as always - got to re-unite with the Donuts and and the Donut ho's......a way inside joke. Eric Hillenbrand and Condessa Croninger were fabulous hosts at 20 North Gallery - and we surpassed last year in money raised at the opening.

But the best time was spent at The Toledo School for the Arts and St. Ursula's Academy. I was able to speak with art students from 8th grade through high school - and was totally impressed with these artists and the work they were doing. Who knew Toledo was so rich in the arts....never entered MY mind.  Definitely a must to re-visit next time through Toledo.

Here are a couple of links my friend Teri Lou Dantzler sent me today - thought I wold share them with everyone...Teri's blog is a great source of iPhone information.

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