Sunday, March 20, 2011


Snowstorm, Philadelpha

The iPhone is simply an amazing piece of technology in this 21st century. If someone had told me back in the 1970's that we would be able to capture, process and post visual information in a matter of minutes without being connected to a wire, well, I simply would have laughed. But then again, we live in a generation when anything is possible, that is except balancing the countries budget - but that is a different tale.

My father gave me a Polaroid Camera when I was 8 years old - that would be 1952 - I remember being totally intoxicated pulling the sheet and peeling off the image.  For me the iPhone is a modern version of the Polaroid, the very camera that started my lifetime avocation with image-making. 

The iPhone is virtually unlimited in it's ability to capture images - everything from a family snapshot to a totally creative visual image. Additionally, as I sometimes do, you can channel the masters of the photographic medium creating images that appear to have been made in the mid-1800's. And, this is all done inside of the phone, err, camera. 

I started my iPhone-Antics in May 2008 (semi-retirement, although my friends say I need to retire from retirement) and have been totally immersed in making images with this tool since. I use the iPhone for a plethora of things, image making, visual diary, directions, weather, flight information and many many more. It is not simply a camera - it is a tool that every photographer at any level should embrace. 

Fast forward two plus years and I am teaching and showing my iphone work in galleries. One year ago I actually created a blurb book of my earlier images. Hence the start of this blog - to get some shameless promotion for my images and my workshops. 

I look forward to the future of this medium and the new friends I will make through this blog. I will be posting more information about iPhone as the blog continues to grow. It would be nice to hear from anyone with any questions as we move forward. 

The image posted above was captured about a month ago while being stranded in a snowstorm in Philadelphia -  

Here is to the next adventure.....


  1. You're killing me, Harry. Snowstorm is tremendous.

  2. Thanks Minor White always said: 'No matter how slow the film speed, the subject will remain still for the photographer it has chosen'...

    And I believe this to be true.....