Monday, March 21, 2011

Dynamic Light

Yes, still working on learning 'Dynamic Light' the new application on yesterday's blog post. 

I went back into the archives and re--processed an early image (see re-processed image above) using 'Dynamic Light'. Depending on what you are looking for this application pops color and contrast and generally opens up the image - I would guess one's taste could go either way but on a personal level I can see using this for certain types of images, possibly even creating an image to blend back in with the original for effect. 

The application is simple to use with easy to understand settings, and, on the tests I have done appears to hold resolution. 

The image below was the image I re-processed in Dynamic Light. 

This application is well worth exploring further.

This image is a 27 image composite stitched together using the auto-stitch application at standard resolution.


  1. this is just such a cool app :)

  2. yup pix - so true. so many ways to use this one...and I like how straight ahead the dialog favorite type of app...