Friday, April 1, 2011

Cotswald Topiary

When I first captured this image I had no idea what to do with it - it seemed like one of those images you capture and then never seem to do anything with. Possibly in a month or two I might discover something that I think works with an image like this but mostly likely it gets lost in the myriad of images on my computer and never sees the light of day.

Long story short I started playing with FX Photo Studio's Pencil Paint presets, then added that to the new upgrade for Dynamic Light. Something started to feel right about this image so I stuck with it and added a few new moves to my workflows - something that will pay off later on in spades.

Applications used for this image are:

ProHDR Hand Held - three vertical Images
Artista Haiku
Filterstorm  for toning corrections and frame
FX Photo Studio for pencil sketch
Photoforge for sharpening

If you are interested in learning to more creative with your iphone-imagery I am teaching a two day workshop at Peters Valley Craft Center (link below). This class will cover from capture to print and everything in between to include printing and capturing images. Here is the link to the class:

Peters Valley Craft Center

Check out my blog at for updated information regarding other classes over the summer.

Have a fun weekend.......

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