Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fonthill - Redoux in Iris Photo Suite

This Fonthill image has been redone using the just released Iris Photo Suite application for iPad users. And for sure I was not dis-appointed at all.

At first the interface is complicated as they have moved icons from where they lived on the older version. But once you find everything it becomes quite simple to navigate the app.  Iris has added several new processing tools in the FX, Auto-adjust and Adjustments dialog box at the top of the screen. And finally we have brush size and opacity to paint in and mask out areas with more control - this is huge. Be sure to check out the filters at the bottom of the screen as they have added some new twists.

Couple of excellent much needed improvements are the file save directly to your camera roll and quickly I might add. Additionally when choosing an image the folder pops up on-screen for easy navigation and selection.

All this is after using it once this morning - will get more time to play over the next few days and see what else I can learn. If I have any complaint it would be making the image size adjustment a bit more clear. Possibly the go button in the dialog box along with the cancel icon...then it would seem to follow in order...but this is a very small nitpick compared to the rest...

In the meantime have some fun out there.

PS: Sorry but can't remember how I got to this image - just went in and played....


  1. I'm so excited to have found this blog. I look forward to learning a lot from you in the future! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Darlene - glad you are here. I also have a page on Facebook with the same name. Welcome