Monday, March 12, 2012

Iceland Church

Iceland Church
Just finished the weekend workshop at Foto Care in New York City. I was running through a few processing tips using today's image and was really liking the results. This is not at all rare in workshops as one usually starts pushing sliders to make sure the results show on the screen - and of course - happy accidents happen. This is something to remember - don't be afraid to push those sliders as far as possible to see the outer limits of what they is a valuable learning tool.

I did a bit more work on this image this morning and decided to post to the blog. As I was moving rather quickly in the workshop all I can remember is PhotostudioHD, Artista Haiku, Sketchmee HD, possibly a bit of ArtistaOil, NIK Color EFX4, PhotoKit Sharpening and I did some retouching in Snapheal for the Mac. Not my usual workflow - hardly ever use this many applications......

The old adage holds true - if you want to learn something......teach it.....

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