Monday, November 14, 2011

Suzy Hotrod, Roller Derby and the iPad

Suzy Hotrod - Gotham Girls - New York
Last night while downloading images I  thought why not process one of my Canon 5DMKII derby images on the iPad. I did the same thing with my old music images and liked the effect. So I took this image of Suzy Hotrod (yup - one event and already name dropping derby folks) and transferred it over to the iPad.

The only application I used was 'Metal Me HD' - not sure how I found this one but thought it might must work for this type of image - Note this is a low res application but I managed to keep it at 3.5MP at the end with various blending techniques...My feeling is that this application is worth a look...

PS: I blended Suzy back in using Filterstorm...

The Last-Pixel Show will be teaching this technique in the upcoming workshop in Carmel, Indiana.... click here for more information.

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