Sunday, November 13, 2011


Original ProHDR Image
The much anticipated upgrade to ProHDR was released a few days ago and thus far I am impressed with the changes they made. ProHDR is much faster and the new dialog is much easier to navigate then the last version.

What I first noticed was the addition of filter choices - seems like every application is starting to offer this feature. I just happened to be in the second oldest city in Denver, Georgetown, and decided to try the vintage filter while shooting the Georgetown Museum. 

In addition to the color Pro added some grain - seemingly to enhance the vintage look and feel. Honestly, I never noticed the grain addition (using the iphone not the ipad) until it was mentioned on a facebook page I participate in. After getting a closer look on the iPad I found the grain to not be to my liking and decided to run a few test on other applications that had 'grain' as a processing choice. Admittedly I did not try all the options, instead opting for my own application preferences.

MonoPhix Version

 MonoPhix Dialog where you would pick FAST FILM...

MonoPhix Noise Grain Generator for amount of grain

SIMPLY BLACK AND WHITE:  Dialog for grain....

PHOTO WIZARD: After importing your image choose the FX icon at the top of the screen. On the right you will find both the 'GRAY PRESETS' (for Silver) and the 'ADD NOISE' ' icon for the grain.

Photo Wizard - Choose Silver under the ''GRAY PRESET' Icon

Photo Wizard - Adjust the grain/noise under the 'ADD NOISE' icon

I would welcome any feedback or experience you might have had in the search for the perfect 'GRAIN'....

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