Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scotland, Church with Blue Bicycle

Edinburgh, Scotland
Yesterday a friend asked me why I process iPhone images on ,my laptop when most folks are using the iPad and iPhone.  I told him there were several reasons and have listed them below:

1. Pro Photo color space - largest color space
2. 16 bit image - more tones and shades
3. Use of available third party software - so many to choose from
4. ease of posting to various social media quickly - using Lightroom4
5. Digital asset management - folder structure using Lightroom4
6. Ability to sharpen for print in a way that fits my vision of the image

When I first started making images using my iPhone I always processed on the iPhone, and later on the iPad. I am not against using these mobile devices for processing and actually do when in the field. It is simply a matter of choice that I use my big boy computer whenever I have the choice.

My good friend Teri Lou Dantzler is doing really great work using only her iPad and iPhone. She trekked through Nepal and placers east without carrying a big girl camera - something I would never consider doing - both the trek and not carrying at minimum a point and shoot.

And now for the shameless promotion part of this blog. Teri Lou and I are teaching together under the name The Last Pixel Show. I mention this because we are so different in how we use iPhone photography that one can learn several approaches to this genre of photography at one of our destination workshops. We shoot, talk, process and on the last day we print. Check out The Last Pixel Show by clicking on the link above. The next workshop is August 16-20 at The Palouse in Washington State - we have 4 places open....

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