Saturday, July 9, 2011

Late Afternoon Light

There is a quality about late afternoon light that is totally provocative. The indirect light creates those rich dark tones in the shadows and smooth highlights that the camera seems to love - not to mention one's own eye.... I also am enjoying the perverse symmetry of this image.

This particular image appeared outside my hotel room window in Paris last week....It was photographed using the iPhone4 and the Classic Pan Camera. Something about the cinematic aspect ratio of Classic Pan that works structurally for an image such as this. As mentioned in a previous blog I have been working with this camera quite a bit lately.

Image Management:

iPhone4 - classic Pan Camera
Perfect Photo
Dynamic Light
global image control in Lightroom 3


  1. The color, Harry. It's wonderful. JB would call it "Yummy" I'm sure.

  2. Thanks Charles.....I do belive JB is the one who say Yummy.....all the best my friend....