Monday, July 25, 2011

Iceland - Day 1

ON the Road to Budir
Finally got away from Reykjavik yesterday and drove to the town of Budir in the northwest corner of Iceland...All I can say is overcast and fog the entire way - my favorite light.....moutain peaks cover in fog - saturated colors....photographers dream....The only drawback was a bit cold and windy....but simply does not matter....Woke up this morning and got out around 530AM....did I mention the sunrise is at 4AM and the sun set around midnight...basically it never really gets dark - there is always a soft glow in the northern sky....

Traveling with Einar Erlendsson fromborgarfjordur moiuntain - West Iceland makes everything really simple to deal with...Einar runs workshops every summer in Iceland with various professional instructors. Last Saturday I gave a one day seminar on the iPhone in Reykjavik and will be going back next year for another....

Landscape above was the last image of the day and the one below was made with my back to the hotel.....

Image Management - top image
True HDR hand held (well rested on a car window)
Perfect Photo
Photo Studio

True HDR on tripod
perfect Photo for sharpeningFocus on nature

Backyard of Hotel Budir


  1. Harry, your stuff is always great but I think "Backyard" adds something extra. You like the fog and overcast huh? Be sure to ask TL about the Northwest.

  2. LOVE the Backyard image... stunning! (was in Iceland myself from July 2-5... am working on getting some images posted but most of mine are SOOC with only minor tweaking... one of these days I simply MUST spend some time and learn more about post-processing) I lurk a lot... am really amazed at what I see here!

  3. thanks Charles and Victoria....appreciate you making a comment...