Friday, December 9, 2011


Midway Plaisance - University of Chicago
There's a moon out tonight whoa-oh-oh ooh
Let's go strollin'
There's a girl in my heart whoa-oh-oh ooh
Whose heart I've stolen
There's a moon out tonight (whoa-oh-oh ooh)
                                     Let's go strollin' through the park (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)..........The Capris 1961

Went driving around Chicago on Wednesday with a few friends and ended up at Midway Plaisance at The University of Chicago at sunset. 'Plaisance' meaning 'a pleasure ground laid out with shady walks, trees, shrubs, statuary and ornamental water....

According to Wikipedia The World's Columbian Expo of 1893 was held in this area - the worldwide celebration of Columbus's transfer of the torch of civilization to the New World. It was also the where Gorge Ferris's original Ferris Wheel carried over 1.5 million passengers....The things you learn from a photograph......

That being said I was shooting one way but was summoned over to see the moon rising behind this particular statue - which of course led to this image. It also reminded me to always turn around - sometimes the best images are behind you.

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