Sunday, December 4, 2011

Photo Wizard

Erik's Final Image
There is an old saying when doing workshops that if the instructor stays open he or she learns a great deal in return from the participants. This was very true yesterday at The Last-Pixel Show workshop in Carmel, Indiana and today I would like to share the work of Erik Schoonover.

1. Erik took his original image below and made two adjustments. First he used the Symmetry Tab to create the look in the background mountain range. He then selected the sky using the Magic Wand, inverted the mask and created the soft look in the sky using one of Photo Wizard's EFX tabs (see final image above). 

Original Background Image

2. Next Erik isolated the toy soldier once again using the Magic Wand and dropped the soldier into the image. He then used the clone dialog to move the soldier into the location in the final image at the top of the page.


Extracted Soldier

The new Photo Wizard has quickly become high on The Last-Pixel Show  list of applications being taught at our workshops. Stay tuned for an announcement of several location workshops next year. 

By the way Erik is 12 years old and attended the workshop with his mom, Kari.

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