Monday, January 9, 2012

Ireland, Ring of Kerry

Stream, Ring of Kerry, Ireland
This image is from the last touring day in Ireland. I remembered this spot on The Ring of Kerry from the trip before when the weather simply had not cooperated. The conditions were pretty much the same this times around - something about touring Ireland in December and January just might be part of the problem - you get what you get. I was hell bent on getting an image of this stream and decided just to do it with my iPhone -  it becomes difficult to get any image with rain on one's lens.

As I was trying to use minimal applications on this trip the first adjustments were minimal - just filterstorm and NIK Snapseed. Then last night as I was watching the NY Football Giants beat the Atlanta Falcons (note the subtle sarcasm in that statement) I started blending textures back into the image in Filterstorm using the 'double exposure' - and ended up blending the original image with the textured one in Iris....then it was local adjustments in Filterstorm to taste.

The blended image (a 12 image stitch) is at the top of this page and the original image is below. It usually takes me a few days living with an image until I decide whether to pursue a workflow a bit more. Personally I am leaning toward the more painterly version on this image.

Stream, Ring of Kerry, Ireland

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