Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The JOyce's, Partry Mountain, Ireland

The Joyce's
So there we are driving down this one lane road up on Partry Mountain looking for an images.....Spot this couple walking their dog coming down the road and needless to say have to stop to let them by.....Mr Joyce looks in the window and says 'Surely you must be lost' - I say 'Yes, but on purpose'.....He tells me I might not make more then one more mile as the road is closed..... We chat for awhile and I ask to take their photo.....this is the iPhone version - I also did a big boy camera image to process later (this one has the dog in the photo).....In the end we take their address to send a print and move on down the road.

As we drive away it suddenly dawns on us that this is 'Joyce Country' as in James Joyce.....Make you wonder....will ask when I send the prints over....those are two fabulous faces....

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