Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toledo, 1Matters and the iPhone

New iPhone Friends
The Music, iPhone and Other Neighborhoods show in Toledo went very well. Sold 8 pieces at the opening to benefit  1Matters.org, a charity that works to find housing for those, for whatever reasons, are not able to house themselves. From my personal experience last weekend I learned that our stereotype of the un-housed is not really correct...I was totally moved the dedication of the volunteers that work with 1Matters....folks who give of themselves and their time every day to make someone else feel comfortable - my hat is off to them - there are too many to mention here....

In addition to the gallery show, we created a silent auction that runs through October 30 to raise money for 1Matters. The images are in the photo below - note the Mellencamp photo is a canvas print signed by John, and, the Billy Joel (traditional print) is also signed. There is also a canvas print of Leonard Cohen from The Beacon Theater and a more traditional print of Mountain (Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi) from Dec 1974 at the Felt Forum in New York City (now the theater at Madison Square Garden). These images can be viewed by clicking here...

The Birdyboo bag below is also part of the silent auction - it was donated by Kathleen Stevens who runs the Renaissance Fine At and Design Gallery in Carmel, Indiana. Kathleen's description of her art is below"

'Birdyboo: A pique assiette work made with vintage bits of china, stained glass, rhinestones and victorian findings. The artist loves to use found items that possess a beauty all their own, creating a new life for bits and pieces that might otherwise be lost to time.  Birdyboo is a piece from a collection that honors re-birth of the creative spirit and what that can mean to individual artistic expression'.

To make a bid on the silent auction contact Eric Hillenbrand at the 20 North Gallery in Toledo, Ohio....Eric will advise what the last bid was....This is for a great cause... the phone number is 419 241 2400

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