Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhone 4s

Panoramic - Lower Manhatan - from Brooklyn
Yesterday was one of those special fall days in New York City, clear blue skies, a few clouds - perfect weather for an iPhone 4s test run. Luck was with me as I was visiting family in Brooklyn who live in a very tall building with a fantastic view of Manhattan.

After some coffee and a croissant I went up on the roof and made a 5 vertical image pano using the TrueHDR camera application. Long story short I only used the darker image for the final pano....the wind was blowing which made it difficult for them to resolve without blur. What was I thinking - you can't hand hold TrueHDR - so many other choices but....

Check out the image size above - yes I left the boxes checked again but there was no resample. This is the native size out of the iPhone after changing to 240DPI and the ProPhoto color space. Pretty sheriff in town...

There are many many new detail with this iPhone4s.....most people are talking about the iCloud but for me, thus far, it is being able to speak into the phone to text and send emails....oh, and yes, the camera rocks...

Below are details from this image - first one at 100% and the second at 200%..


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