Monday, August 1, 2011

Iceland - Jokulsarion Glacier

Iceland - Jokulsarion Glacier
Jokulsarion is the largest glacier lagoon/lake in Iceland. It is in the southeast between Skaftafell and the town of Hofn.

ON my first visit to this glacier last year the water was fairly still with little or no movement in the ice sculptures (i like to call them sculptures because of the  natural shapes they take on). This time the water was moving fairly quickly so the 'sculptures' occasionally collided and broke into smaller pieces. These pieces then floated out to the ocean and were washed up on the black beach (images of this in another blog). Good news is when you finish making images at the glacier the black beach is just about 500 yards away - so one can go photograph the pieces as they wash up on the shore...will be posting black beach images later int he week..

Overall Iceland is a continual visual treat whether it be farmland, waterfalls, churches, glaciers or beaches. So many images in a place the size of Kentucky.....


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