Saturday, August 6, 2011

Olloclip Lens

When I returned home from Iceland my Olloclip lens was waiting. For those not aware of this product it is a quick connect lens solution that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens on one attachment...Clink here for more information:

Yesterday I gave the macro lens a test run and was not dis-appointed. I was using the lens hand-held which added some movement issues (better on a tripod but probably more cumbersome) and after a few attempts I started getting the hang of it....Need to get into the wide-angle and fisheye but on first blush I do like the macro lens....It clips on quickly but one would need to take off any external attachments such as battery chargers or skin cases.

Additionally, I was very impressed with the level of detail this lens is able to capture...
Today's image is my first attempt at macro photography with my iPhone and far I like it.....

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