Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Church of Ireland -New Technique - iPhone4
Technique: The way in which the fundamentals, as of an artistic work, are handled.

As you learn new image management techniques, go back into the archives and re-process older images. While I do this on a regular basis (both big boy camera and iPhone images) the re-processing of older images is worth the time and effort, not to mention a worthwhile learning experience. Even the most subtle change, as in the image posted today, can be significant. . I would advise giving this exercise some time in your daily work-flow - even if just one image a week...

The image today was simply given a new sharpening and contrast technique I picked up over the past few weeks...subtle as mentioned but works for me....

 Did I mention that an iPhone or iPad is the perfect tool  - Filterstorm works well for this type of exercise.

Church of Ireland - Original Process - iPhone4

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