Saturday, August 27, 2011

White Cat

White Cat in White Window, iPhone4

There is yet another cat on the right sitting in the grass.....hard to see but....I can not remember where this was from but it appears to be Ireland. I love the new white door and window on this house....

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  1. Unique image. This is a typical irish cottage from old days, maybe the first half of the 20th century. It's probably only three rooms: living room on the left, heated by a coal fire (hence the chimney), kitchen in the middle (with the new window), bedroom on the right. The bedroom was always unheated and freezing cold at night, often damp and so cold you could see the steam rising off your breath while lying in bed at night (I remember only too well.) The slate roof and original wooden-framed windows were typical of the way these modest cottages were built. Presumably the owner could not afford to replace the door and all the windows at the same time, so you see a new UPVC window and door and two original, wooden windows. The white cat on the window sill is the icing on the cake. Well captured.