Monday, August 8, 2011

Music and iPhone

Eddie Van Halen, 2004
I spent most of my working life as a tour manager for various rock bands before retiring, well there are those who say I have not really retired, in May 2008. I almost always had a camera close by during these years....

So fast forward and my good friend Ken Leslie and I get together and decide to create a gallery show to benefit his organization, which is based in Toledo, Ohio. I first met Ken while on the road with John Mellencamp a few years back and greatly admired his tenacity in working to help one person at a time overcome not having a place to live. Ken went out and found a space in Toledo, 20 North Gallery, to host the show. After several discussions between myself and Ken it was decided this was the right time to pull out the archives and show some of my music images - time to rescue them from the shoe-box's they lived in for years.

Having been a child of the 60's, San Francisco, etc, my thought process is to take these images out of the standard musician on stage genre and make them a bit more like my perception of live being the fabric of my life since the mid-sixties. To that end several of the images will be printed on large stretched canvas.....other will be printed on Epson 9900 and 3800 printers using archival Epson papers.

Some recent landscape and personal black and white images will also be part of this show. More on that in the coming days on my big boy camera blog, 

Click here for more information about the Toledo show. Additionally, this work will be shown in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery.

The new image in the header is Billy Joel, circa 1985, performing in Tokyo at the Budokan.

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