Friday, February 10, 2012

Image Transfer - Hgh Resolution

Red Barber Chair - ESP
A few students have been talking about transferring high resolution images to the iPad/iPhone to be processed using various applications. For this blog I am going to transfer a medium format - high resolution image from my Macpro to my iPad....

The original image was 6731x8984 at 360:

I set my Lightroom mail export module to 3500 on the long edge at 240 which created an image of 9MP at 2622x3500.. The module then inserted the image in an email which I sent to myself.  I then saved this image onmy iPad and it worked perfectly - the image was now on my iPad with the resolution below:

 There are probably several ways to do this - I have shared my workflow. Would love to hear other ways to make this happen.

The Last Pixel show has two location iPhone/iPad workshops on the schedule. CLICK HERE for more information. 

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