Friday, February 17, 2012

iPhone Cable Release Tip

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There are three camera applications I frequently use that allow the use of a cable release to trigger the exposure. When I say cable release I mean an iPod remote headphone adapter as pictured in the link below.The three camera applications are the iPhone internal camera, Pro Camera and Camera+. Simply push the +/plus on the remote and it will trigger the camera. 

Both of these cameras will also trigger using the + on the side of the phone, err camera but having a cable release helps reduce shake specifically if using the HDR setting in the iPhone internal camera. Can be a useful tool in low light also.

Also on my 4s if you hold down the +/plus it triggers rapid fire while in Camera+. if you hold down the +/plus or -/minus that also triggers rapid fire in ProCamera. I am not sure this works on previous iPhone iterations....I am told in the iPhone internal camera holding down the -/minus will focus the camera but I have not tested that as yet...

Anyone else have knowledge of other camera application that do something similar? Also I happen to use the remote shown above but it will also work on most headsets that have +/-...

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