Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iPhone, iPad, Sharpening

Rye Playland, Unsharp Mask
Took a day trip with my friend David to The Rye Playland which is about 10 miles from my house. Personally I love closed amusement parks with a preference for those parks that have been abandoned - not the case with Rye. Unfortunately the park was gated for the winter so we ended up shooting through or over the fences...reminder to bring a small ladder next time. But I digress...

While processing this iPhone4s image I decided to leave it fairly straight ahead and simply used an unsharp mask applied with a mask and opacity brush to highlight areas I wanted to direct the viewer to see first...with the side effect creating space in the image....The areas sharpened were the foreground boards, the building under the ride and the ride and poles in the middle...Each part of the image was sharpened with a different opacity which gives the image the perception of depth.

Most images need some form of sharpening to bring back details lost in digital conversion. While this might not be necessary when viewing on a screen sharpening becomes increasingly necessary when making a print. Of course there are many individual workflows that work without sharpening.......purely a matter of choice and a good tool to have in your arsenal...

Rye Playland, Original Image

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Additionally have a look at th efollowing links for more information of online training and one-on-one learning opportunities.


Here they are side by side...

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