Saturday, September 24, 2011

Applications on the MAC

I have been playing with the applications available for the mac using both iPhone and high resolution images. Additionally after finishing on the Mac I import back into the iPad2 for finishing, usually in Filterstorm.

Today's Image above was an iPhone TrueHDR original. I then took this image into the Mac application Hand Tint and painted in some vintage color.
Next it was Grungetastic on the mac for a frame and a slight bit of grunge effect.....
Then it was photo studio on the mac to add noise and a few studio is an excellent choice for subtle textures and color..
I imported this last image and the original into photoshop as layers. With the Noise on top and the original on the bottom I set the opacity to 80% and the blending mode to darken creating the image below.
Using wireless I imported the image above back into the iPad2. Used Old Photo Pro to create the antique look and then made local corrections using Filterstorm...Below is the final....
I forgot to mention that I used the watercolor effect in Photo Forge - slipped my mind exactly where...

I like working with these applications on the Mac....Give me many more creative choices and ways to bend the rules....give them a try....

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  1. I love the combo of the frames... thanks for the idea Sharpie.