Monday, September 26, 2011

Touch ReTouch and more......

About a week or so ago I made a comment about a student image on my facebook page. Mostly I was saying that some lighter round artifacts were taking my eye away from the subject. She sent me the original and her finished piece and asked that I show her what I meant.

The original image is above. Her version is below. The three or four lighter round artifacts on the lower left were the artifacts mentioned above. Keep an eye out for these artifacts when processing on the iPhone or iPad.
In the image below touch-retouch was used to take out the artifacts in the lower left but left some in the upper right for reference. I used Filterstorm to  lighten the lower right of the image for detail and sharpened the building to bring it forward in the image.
In the end it wa my thinking that the circular artifacts took away form the image by moving my eye to away from the subject. Additionally the sharpened building pops a bit and I like the extra detail in the lower right. I also reduced the saturation a bit....

Mostly I like doing these tutorials to show what is possible with different applications. These are all tools to help the photographer make decisions about the post-processing of their images.

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