Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pencil Paint 2 Workflow

I often use Pencil Paint 2 in Photo Studio in my work-flow......here is a short tutorial on PP2 and Filterstorm...the original hipstamatic photograph is above.

Import the original into Photo Studio HD and choose Pencil Paint 2 - used the settings below:

Image after saving out of Photo Studio HD

Took the original and Photo Studip Pencil Paint 2  version and used Blender in the 'Plus Lighter' Blending Mode to create the image below.........

Put the Blender version into Filterstorm - added expposure using the original image and locally painted back in the details I wanted in the final image.....

Took the final image into Grungetastic and created a frame - 4th down on the right

 Final Image with frame added....

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