Thursday, September 22, 2011

iPhone4 Tip - Camera+ and Clarity

Camera+ is a fantastic application for making images. It allows selective focus and luminosity in a rather straightforward way - but more on this later. Today it is the clarity adjustment in Camera+ that has my attention. Do not confuse this Camera+ with Camera Plus - they are very different applications.

The photograph above was made using the camera that comes with the iPhone4. I had the camera set on 'HDR ON' which creates a light and dark exposure.  Instead of blending in an application like ProHDR  I will copy and paste this image into Camera+. You do this by holding your finger on the image until the 'copy' icon is visible.

You then go into Camera+ and get into the lightbox mode. This is done by a tapping on the black/gray square in the lower left corner. It might happen that you are in light-box mode and no step is necessary.
 You will then see this screen - light-box.. If you have other images they will also show in this screen.

Hit the 'Paste' icon and the image begins importing into the light-box. 
 Once import is finished you will see this screen. Note that if you have several images the new one will show up in the top left corner of the screen, usually with the dialog boxes below. You then tap the edit tab on the left.

Once in edit tap the 'clarity' icon.  I am amazed at what this one adjustment can do to save darker images. It does not work on all images - it is simply another tool for your workflow should you need it. Once this is completed - tap the 'Done' icon in the upper right.
Then tap the 'save' icon and the image will move to your camera roll for further processing. If you want to save all the images to your camera roll use the 'save all' tab in the top left corner.

 Below are the two images for comparison.....The only change was adding clarity - no sharpening - nothing else
Before Clarity

After Clarity

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