Saturday, June 4, 2011

Construction #1

Construction #1

Wow, I did not post yesterday and the world did not come to an end....I think I was in mourning as the New York Knicks lost Donnie Walsh, only the best executive they have had in sports side is coming out now....the Knicks have one winning season and the guy responsible is gone....Hopefully they are not bringing back Isiah Thomas.....ok enough ranting.

My good friend Teri Lou Dantzler must have been in my head this morning - TL aka smudgie, is always espousing the idea of simply playing on the iPhone/iPad and that is exactly what I did this morning - looks like I have come up with a new direction for my iPhone/iPad work....Constructions.....

The intuitive brushing/opacity available in Filterstorm (my current favorite) allows a good deal of latitude when combining images. Iris is another that I use quite regularly but Filterstorm seems to have a bit more overall control of the image.

Today's image is from Central State Asylum in Indianapolis. Photographed with my iPhone4 using truehdr (tripod). Application used for image management are:

Perfect Photo for sharpening

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