Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iPhone Time Machine

Rain, London

I was looking at some old iPhone image folders today and thought why not post a few from the 'Way Back Time Machine' of my iPhone experience. These images go back maybe two plus years and I think one might even be a '2'.....
Airplane, London

This was all brought about by looking at the work of an extremely talented Russian iPhoneographer, Natali Prosveta,  who I discovered on the facebook page, iPhoneography with Teri Lou.....  Nat, as I call her, only has the iPhone2 and yet makes provocative, personal images - little vignettes of her life in Moscow - check out her facebook page....just click on her name above.

These images posted today are from a trip to London back a few years where I first discovered the wahoo quality of this new device - something that may have been lost a bit with the advent of so many new applications. But in truth one of the wonderful qualities of the iPhone camera is it's ability to capture those fleeting truthful moments - something I need to remember moving forward.
Big Ben, London


  1. Great post, Harry. It's interesting also to occasionally re-discover the "Scenes from my life" quality of the iPhone. It's equally valid I think. In fact I tend to do a lot of it.

    I recall wondering about why I gave up my Sony Ericson 800i and going backwards to a 2mp cameraphone...but then came CameraBag and LoMob which I recognize above. Suddenly I got it.


  2. I always seem to forget that aspect Charles. The non-app approach to the platform. Thanks for the note...much appreciated.