Thursday, June 16, 2011

Only in New York Kids

Was driving in the city and caught this one out the window of the car......really liking the new NIK Snapseed and photoforge 2 - also noticed in forge2 you can use blue-tooth and move an image to another device....

Image Management:

iPhone camera - no hdr
converted to black and white in Photoforge 2
image adjustments and frame in Snapseep

New website is live and finished. Has links to my two blogs and some new work. Finally have a website where I can make my own changes from anywhere in the world. is the address.....feel free to use the email link in the footer -


  1. You mention the bluetooth transfer capability in PF2. Have you gotten it to work? I've tried a dozen or more times since the upgrade and no luck. I even remembered to turn bluetooth on in both devices (well after the first time anyway.)

    Why green for this image?


  2. well wouldn't you know. It has been working but I set it up backwards somehow, the device I think is sending is actually receiving. operator error.

  3. it is not intuitive st all - and yes it seems to be backwards......I chose green messing around with toning color......just playing...