Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mermaid Parade 2011

Just got back from the parade and thought I would do a quick post of a Hipstamatic Image from the festivities. This film and camera combo is very good for portrait work.....even at close range like the image above....

Look for more images later today or tomorrow on my website, and/or my iphone blog,

Image Management:

John S lens
Kodot film (thanks Brenda)


  1. Terrific image, Harry. Looking forward to see more!

  2. 3 years in a row my plans to attend have fallen through. Last year a group of belly dancers I had photographed were making noises like they were going as a group and asking me to accompany & photograph. The trip was cancelled though, which is probably for the best. I just could not figure a way to spin this so that my wife wouldn't go nuclear.