Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scottish Sheep

So last night I asked my friend and top iPhoneographer Teri Lou Dantzler to give me the haiku demo of the new NIK Application, Snapseed.. Not being a fan of u-point technology in the past, and still not really liking that technology, I was apprehensive about diving into Snapseed. In the end I came out of the tutorial  really liking Snapseed, particularly the framing dialog. Having control of size and width in a framing dialog is huge, at least the way I see it. The only thing missing is the ability to save a preset...maybe in the next iteration...presets are always important when you have multiple choices for image management.

Needless to say I have added Snapseed to the work-flow and will also add to future iPhone workshops.....

Today's image captured in Scotland using:

Canon 5DMKII. 24-70MM lens
Transfer to bring the image into my iPad2
Snapseed for framing and a bit of grunge
Auto Painter

PS: Be wary of Auto Painter II - it downsizes your image - hopefully they will change that in a future upgrade.