Friday, June 17, 2011

Lewes Beach

Still playing with the new NIK Snapseed application - I was resistant at first but after seeing work by Dan Burkholder and Teri Lou Dantzler I have changed my mind. This is a very powerful application with so much to offer in the way of image management - frames, grunge, black and white and so much more. Worth giving it a look....

Image made with iPhone4 - prohdr - handheld


  1. I haven't been a subscriber to U Point but after Dan, Tony and TL I am trying it also. I am also in a seemingly never ending search for edges and frames anyway. Harry the texture-grunge layer on this image is killer. Did you make it yourself?

  2. I am not a u-point guy at all - I like the rest of the app more...although it is nice to have that on the ipad - maybe I will give it more of a try. The texture grunge is me mixing and applying several layers from Snapseed and also a layer from artista haiku that I painted in in Filterstorm...and i really like these frames in Snapseed....all in all good stuff - best