Friday, May 13, 2011

Blending and Brushing

Homage to Van Gogh
I continue to search for new and different ways to blend images using filterstorm and iris. If only someone would devise an application with layers an entire new world would appear. The makers of Photoforge are claiming to have layers with blend modes in their new application being launched in a few weeks - this boy is hoping that is a reality.

Up until now Filterstorm and  Iris have been in the forefront of the blending with opacity, brushes and size. One difference for me is that in Filterstorm you can add another image to blend with just a few strokes of the stylus. Iris takes 8 moves to get to the same place.

Filterstorm's opacity dialog is always accessible and you are able to make changes while not losing the blend ability. With Iris you need to say 'done' and then say yes to the apply mask dialog before brushing. Both have eraser features which is a good thing.

When you complete your blending with Filterstorm you hit the check mark to save that move,  and, you then have the ability to add another image rather easily.  With Iris you need to go through a number of stylus moves to get another image ready to blend.

I use both of these applications on a regualr basis. I like many of the FX in Iris and find myself adding them in quite frequently. Another plus with Iris is that the blend modes readily available as you work through the image.

I would highly recommend trying both of them to see what fits in your work-flow. Me, I am goign to continue to pursue blending and brushing with a few other appications as well as getting deeper into Filterstorm, Iris and the new improved Photoforge (when released).

I am off on a drive to Toledo and Indiana tomorrow. Have a great weekend...


  1. i'll give filterstorm another try after reading this. have a great weekend.

  2. Linda: Def worth giving it a shot - it is a powerful tool - most of my small issues have to do with processing a great deal of images.