Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Music and Iphone

John Mellencamp, Los Angeles, 1996
'Forget all about that macho shit and learn how to play guitar'...John Mellencamp 

Still working away on my presentation for the Apple Store in Indianapolis. Today I am taking an Indiana icon and processing an image using the iPad2.

This image was originally captured with a Nikon F series camera using Ektachrome slide film.  It was scanned into the digital world using an Imacon/Hasselblad scanner. And now the fun begins...

I downsized the image to 2500 on the long edge which gave me a final output size of 8x10 at 240DPI. One could make the the image bigger or smaller to taste.

My current work-flow is to create various blend layers using SketchmeeHD, Artista Haiku, Photstudio (2): Pencil Paint 2 and Ancient Canvas plus a sharpened layer using Perfect Photo. If you do not have the new Perfect Photo upgrade note that they have improved the sharpening dramatically - they call it sharpening but it is in reality unsharp mask and it works very very well...You can create these blend layers to taste using many different applications.

Next is the fun part in Iris for iPad for blending and masking combination's of these layers to create the look. I might take a sharp layer and blend with an oil painting soft layer to see the effect the sharp has on the soft...I use pencil paint in various combos to create the outlines in some of my images - being a amateur painter I sometimes do this on canvas to call attention to a particular part of the image. Another part of the work-flow is to convert to black and white and paitn in varios amounts of color which I used in today;s image. Filterstorm does an OK job of this and gives some good control options on your conversion. A screen shot of the dialog box is below.

The final step is local sharpening for effect and to paint back in the ancient canvas layer to the desired color you want.

Upcoming Events:

May 21: Apple Store, Indianapolis, Indiana - 8AM-10AM Music and iPhone Presentation
September 8-9: Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery - 2 day iPhone Workshop
September 10: Gallery Show opens at Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery, Carmel, Indiana
October 9: gallery Show opens at Gallery 20 in Toledo, Ohio -Benefit for

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