Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wedding Dress

This is not a white wedding Billy.....Homage to Modigliani

Continuing to work on ways to build color in my iPhone/iPad images. Today's image was processed in the work-flow posted over the past few days except that I used local color and saturation to build the image.

For a start I built several blending layers as follows:

Ultra sharp using Perfect Photo upgrade
Saturated magenta texture
Saturated orange texture layer
Photostudio dark engraving layer
Photostudio pencil paint 2 layer
Artista Haiku layer
Paintmee layer (stopped processing early)

Of course Iris and Filterstorm were the main blending applications.

For the dress Filterstorm was used with the top and bottom of the dress brushed in separately and then tonality, sharpness and depth were added with my finger...IN the end I layered in the tulips from the original image on the mid right side..seemed like a good touch.

Additionally the umbrellas and assorted other parts of the image were processed one by one...It is kind of neat to see what textures appear when you simply play.

Upcoming Events:

May 21: Apple Store, Indianapolis, Indiana - 8AM-10AM Music and iPhone Presentation
September 8-9: Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery - 2 day iPhone Workshop
September 10: Gallery Show opens at Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery, Carmel, Indiana
October 9: gallery Show opens at Gallery 20 in Toledo, Ohio -Benefit for


  1. Extraordinary work. I do not have an iPhone, as I use an HTC Droid. Still, I don't play much with the camera it has. Maybe I should rethink that.

  2. Get into it - it is pure fun.....lots of fun....