Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bicycle - Central State Hospital

Bicycle, Central State Hospital
 After my Apple Store presentation on Saturday a friend got us into Central State Hospital for the Insane. The hospital was first built in 1848 and was abandoned in 1994.

The first building we walk into has this plastic children's bicycle right in the doorway - I am thinking if this is the only image I make today the trip was worth the price of admission. Oh, did i tell you about my attraction to bicycles....seems like they keep appearing at the strangest places and times....might have to do a show just on abandoned bicycles and what they mean to me...

This image was captured using TrueHDR on a tripod. Pretty much used my current workflow for processing:

Perfect Photo
Artista Haiku

By the way the Apple Store presentation went very well. The folks working there could not have been any more helpful. Used my iPad23 hooked to a large Apple Monitor and that was a bit easier then the old set-up of camera over iPhone system. The only drawback, if a drawback at all, is that you can not see the stylus making the move on the screen. Other then that the iPad2 is a game changer. One cable to the screen and you are in up and running...