Saturday, May 14, 2011

White Tulip

Really this was a white tulip. And it was sitting right in the middle of our small town. Tulips come in so many colors it was the perfect subject for my iPad blending spree......still playing around changing colors and textures.

Today it was all pretty much all  Iris on the iPad2....discovered something new, at least for me. Once one hits the check mark to save the image it automatically becomes the base layer for the next blend step - huge time saver in using Iris.

You finish a blend, hit the check mark, and upload another image and continue on...also now liking that you can see an image in a larger size before choosing same as the next step - other applications only let you see the thumbnail.. One thing the app developers might consider is reversing the image order ala the application Transfer to not make you continually scroll down to the bottom of your library to find the latest image that you want to work with. A small thing but saves so much time and obviouisly it can be done - Transfer proves that.

So on this image i used:

Iris for sketch
Dynamic Range
Perfect photo for sharpening
photostudio for pencil paint 2 (one of my favorites)
Filterstorm for blending and local tonality

Starting my drive to Indianapolis this morning. Plan to stop in Williamsport and Toledo on the way. Might even stop and visit a friend in Lexington......

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