Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the Road Again

Sunrise - Badwater Basin - Death Valley
Three hundred miles to go today - overslept and not much time to put much on the blog. Had enough time for this fairly straight image of Badwater Basin captured on the last Death Valley to pack, get the free breakfast at the Hampton Inn and move on down the road.

truehdr on tripod
Filterstorm for image management


  1. Good luck Harry as you get on down the road...

  2. This is a gorgeous image... I'm going to add myself as a follower to this blog (and maybe your other one (hsandler) on blogspot. Thanks for adding yourself as a follower to mine... I swear there aren't enough hours in the day to browse all the blogs I enjoy AND learn what I want to learn about image processing beyond the camera... never mind learning about all the iPhone/iPad apps! It's clear to me from a quick browse through iPhone-Antics that you know a LOT about post-processing using all the newest tools. :-)

  3. Thanks Victoria thanks for adding yourself to the blog....

  4. nice picture harry, love the is cute...